Portable Off Grid Sauna - Perfect for Truck Camping

I enjoy living in my truck for long stretches all year round. When the temperatures drop and a dip in the lake becomes less appealing I have found the perfect solution for washing up after some outdoor exertion. The compact insulated Morzh Sauna tent is a nice luxury to have at camp. Paired with the Intent wood stove I bring for warmth anyway it doesn't take up a lot of storage space and makes for a nice retreat from the elements. During my 2020 isolation at home I decided to set it up in my backyard and start pool season early. A polar dip in an April swimming pool paired with my sauna tent made for a very enjoyable time. Here are some of the details of my portable sauna setup.

I like my gear to be multi functional and this tent meets that criteria. It works great as a mobile sauna, I can use it for winter camping and it's also a perfect size for an ice fishing hut. The awning of the tent is made of a three-layer quilted cloth "Thermosteck" consisting of Oxford fabric 240 / heater "Siberia" with a density of 80 g / m2 and light strong Tafet fabric with reinforcing weaving. This helps it stay warmer inside longer than a traditional canvas tent. The tent is cube shaped and measures about 2x2x2 metres so it is large enough for me to sleep in during a winter camping trip and still have room for some gear inside.

The INTENT sauna stove is a versatile stove that can be used to heat tents and prepare meals, as well as for bathing in the sauna tent. I like that it's much lighter than my Campchef cast iron cylinder stove. Stones for the sauna setup can be put on the hob. The stove has a unique two chamber design. The stove pipe is secured above the second smaller chamber at the back of the firebox. This chamber is the built-in spark arrester (spark catcher) that ensures all flammables are burnt out before exiting the stove pipe. This allows for a shorter stove pipe and no need for a screen attachment at the end of the pipe.

AISI 430 steel chimney segments Included with the stove are 6 segments of the chimney, 380 mm long, which are made of AISI 430 steel. The sides of the stove have Transformable Reflective Screens attached by slide out swivels. The screens perform a protective function and create convection currents along the furnace body, accelerating the process of heating the tent. They open up in the operating mode, and for compact storage or transportation, the screens are tightly shifted to the furnace body, which saves 55 mm of width.

I've had this set up in my backyard for two weeks now and my wife loves it and uses it the most. Isolation has made this tent a popular spot in our backyard. I recommend checking one out for yourself.


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